September 2014

September was all about Indonesia, Indonesia and more Indonesia (although we only stayed half of the month there).

Best movie in the first flight

Rupiah! All of those notes were the equivalent to £200

After approximately 30 hours, 3 flights (London – Dubai – Jakarta – Bali) we finally arrived to Nusa Lembongan.

After some adventures we managed to get to our first Indonesian home: a bungalow with amazing views in the south of the island

The Devil’s tears

I was unsure about Bali (too touristic) but I felt in love with the hindu culture and their rituals

We explored almost all the island in a couple of days, enjoyed the first & best snorkeling of our lifes and even rented a kayak to sail through the mangrove forest


(Wow x2!)

More offerings.

5.00am sunrise

We sailed from Nusa Lembongan to Padang Bai where we stayed only for one day. We visited all the beaches and temples of the village and eated plenty of nasi and mie goreng.

The stairs to get to our hostel were long and steep but the views were great.

After our quick stop in Padang Bai we sailed to Senggigi (in Lombok) where we finally found a calm sea.

Rice snack!

Amazing sunset in the beach.

Warungs as a way of life. I was lucky enough to don’t order anything tofu related in this place…

Last temple of the trip: Pura Batu Bolong.

After spending one night in Senggigi we took a big boat and we sailed during four days through the Flores sea.

… where we saw the most amazing sunrises, sunsets and stars (even the milky way!)

It was quite an experience to live and sleep in the deck of a boat (specially during a stormy night) during four days.

We climbed big mountains in tiny islands (this was Gili Laba)

… and we saw desert islands

… and we walked in a pink beach

… and we saw a man asleep in the sea

My body and (specially) hair really missed a shower.

And at the end of our sail trip we saw Komodo dragons in their habitat!

After four days we finally arrived to Labuan Bajo.

… where we enjoyed the most delicious dinner in a street food market.

Good morning Labuan Bajo!

Bye bye Bali!

After sailing to the East it was time to take three flight to go to the West.
Although in this picture this kid seems very quiet he was shouting and kicking my seat during all the flights.

Java cities are really huge, I think this is Bandung.

A typical house of Medan where our driver invited us to indonesian doughnuts and coffee while rain was pouring outside like I’ve never seen before.

And finally after one complete day traveling we arrived to the jungle. This is the view from our small bungalow, it was so so sooooo amazing (except for the mosquitoes).

Jungle breakfast!

The bat cave.

Little companion in our jungle house.

We trek during one day through the jungle where we saw orangutans (!!!!), gibbons, macaques, lizards and several strange animals.

We spent the night in the middle of the jungle and had a delicious dinner.

Good morning! The sound at night in the jungle was… quite scary in a nice way.


Quick morning shower in the river and then back to the village.

We took a “”bus”” to Medan where our backpacks travelled with chickens tied up to the van.

I’ve to say that Medan was quite horrible, at least what we were able to see in a few hours. The traffic is absolutely awful and it’s quite hard to move through downtown. I also got pretty sick during the night so that didn’t help at all.

Bye Bye Medan, bye bye Indonesia, we’ll be back soon!

Non related to Indonesia, Walden is still alive and growing each day!

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